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Trading conditions

Technical definitions

Download: "A download" or "to download" is the act of fetching a document from the knowledge base after having paid.

Template/Document: A standardised document that can be purchased in the shop and downloaded.


The customer purchases the documents/templates from:

Dokumenter ApS
CVR no. 27 70 12 72
Engelsborgvej 29, 2.th.
2800 Kgs. Lyngby

Tel.: +45 45 33 18 30
Fax: +45 45 33 19 30

email: dokumenter@dokumenter.dk
Web: www.dokumenter.com

What is the customer getting for the money spent?

The customer obtains the right to download templates/documents in Word format.

When the customer has approved the transaction and paid for the product, the customer has obtained the right to download the relevant standard document as stated in the shopping basket and on the invoice sent by email together with the document in question when payment has been effected.

In order to make purchases from Dokumenter ApS, the customer must provide a name, an address and an email address.

When payment has been effected in the webshop, an invoice is sent to the email address as proof of purchase. The invoice includes details about the purchase. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that this information is stored in a safe place. The email also includes a Word file with the document purchased.

Right of cancellation

In connection with consumer transactions, the customer waives the right of cancellation.

By accepting the terms and conditions, including by effecting payment using a payment card, the customer is deemed explicitly to have consented to waiving the right of cancellation. Consequently, the customer cannot cancel an order once the purchase has been made.

When payment has been effected, the customer gains access to download the document ordered (in Word format) - and will also receive it by email.

No right of cancellation applies for business customers.

Right of use and ownership

The customer acquires full right of use of the document in question, including the right to do the following:

* Electronically store the original document/template for the customer's own later use.
* Print the original document/template for the customer's own use.
* Customise the original document for the intended purpose and print the customised version(s).

The customer may not transfer the document/template in question to others, redistribute it via the Internet or in any other electronic format or in hardcopy (paper) versions without permission from Dokumenter ApS.

The customer is under no circumstances entitled to redistribute documents and/or templates purchased via www.dokumenter.com.

Personal data

When the customer uses the website, statistical information is collected. This data is completely anonymous, which means that it does not contain any information that can be used to identify the user, even if the user has logged in.

Sensitive data submitted via the Internet is protected via SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption. The servers on which data about users is stored are protected by a firewall. Information is not stored on the server in an encrypted format.

The information provided to Dokumenter ApS will be kept strictly confidential and will be used only in connection with invoicing of purchases from Dokumenter ApS and for sending out the newsletters subscribed to.

Registered users of Dokumenter ApS always have the right to know which data has been registered about them and may object to a registration in accordance with the provisions of the Danish Act on the Processing of Personal Data.

Personal data will be stored for 5 years after the last transaction with the customer. No registered personal data will be passed on to third parties in any way at any time, except where this is a statutory requirement or it is otherwise required by public authorities.

User name and access code - subscriptions

Customers wishing to subscribe to Dokumenter ApS will be assigned a user name and provided with an access code. It is the responsibility of the customer to store this information in a safe place. The customer is aware that there may, in exceptional cases, be technical problems with the website so that it is inaccessible, cf. the "Reservations" section below.

Subscriptions run for the period selected and then expire automatically.


The customer can subscribe to newsletters from Dokumenter ApS.

Newsletters will be sent either by email to the email address provided by the customer or by post to the postal address provided by the customer.

The customer can unsubscribe to newsletters at any time.


In connection with log-in, a cookie is installed on the PC used by the customer. This is purely done in order to make it easier to log in again later, and so that the system will remember what is in the shopping basket while the customer navigates the site.

For further information about the cookie policy of Dokumenter ApS, click here.

If the user wants to delete the cookie, this can be done via the menu "Tools" - "Internet options" - "Delete browsing history" in Internet Explorer.

Technical requirements for the customer's computer equipment

It is sought to optimise the website technically so that it will support all the most common browsers (Internet Explorer, Netscape/Mozilla, Opera) and operating systems (Windows, Mac OS, Linux).

The documents are provided in Word format.

It is the customer's responsibility to have the software required in order to open and edit the Word format in which the documents are provided.


All prices are in Danish kroner (DKK) including VAT.

Dokumenter ApS accepts payment using the following cards: Dankort, Visa/Dankort and the international payment cards Eurocard/MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electron and JCB.

Dokumenter ApS pays the fee charged by Nets in connection with the individual transaction.

The customer must pay any fees etc. to the customer's own card issuer.

Price changes and amendment of terms and conditions

The prices and terms and conditions applying at any time can be found on the website www.dokumenter.dk.


Dokumenter ApS makes reservations for any misprints and pricing errors.

Dokumenter ApS accepts no liability for any downtime or inaccessibility of the website, technical problems occurring on the website or experienced by one of its collaboration partners, power failure or interruption of the Internet connection, damage to the system (whether physical or caused by computer viruses or hacking), fraudulent use of personal data or other issues and circumstances beyond the control of Dokumenter ApS.

It cannot be guaranteed that the customer can use any files downloaded on all PCs, and it is always a precondition for use of the documents that the customer has the required software for opening/reading Word and Excel files.


Dokumenter ApS and its content suppliers (including SelskabsAdvokaterne) accept no liability for any use of documents/templates; in this connection, no guarantees or warranties whatsoever are made to the effect that:

- that documents/templates meet the user's requirements, expectations and needs.

- that www.dokumenter.com and any documents/templates made available on the website are free from errors, accessible, correct, concise, reliable, updated, secure, delivered on time and suitable for the intended purpose.

Hence, Dokumenter ApS and its content suppliers (including SelskabsAdvokaterne) accept no liability for any direct losses, consequential losses, including business interruption, loss of profit or indirect losses incurred by the customer, the customer's buyers/clients/customers or third parties due to errors or defects in a document/template or arising from the use of a document/template.

Users who cannot accept these terms should discontinue all use of the services of Dokumenter ApS and exit the website.

The content of documents/templates cannot replace traditional personal and legal advice.

The documents/templates are for information only (publishing) and do not provide exhaustive descriptions of the selected topics.

It is essential to stipulate that this webshop does not provide legal advice of any kind. If a customer does not have sufficient insight to assess and/or finalise a document/template, the customer is encouraged to seek legal advice from a lawyer/attorney.

Dokumenter ApS accepts no responsibility for any link to a third-party website. Dokumenter ApS accepts no liability for any damage suffered by the customer as a result of a download performed or any viruses etc. in the file.

Downloading of documents and templates (fetching them from this server) shall take place at the user's own initiative and responsibility.

Downloading of a document/template cannot be likened to specific, individual legal advice provided by a lawyer/attorney. Dokumenter ApS recommends that the customer always verifies a document/template before using it. If a customer (either the user personally or the customer's legal affairs department) does not have sufficient legal insight, such verification can be performed by a lawyer/attorney.

Complaints and notice of lack of conformity

If a file is damaged or cannot be accessed, the customer must give notice of lack of conformity within reasonable time. If the customer is a consumer, notice must be given within 2 years. The right to give notice in respect of a damaged file is limited to any original defects.

Any notice of lack of conformity should be addressed to:

Dokumenter ApS
CVR no. 27 70 12 72
Engelsborgvej 29, 2.th.
2800 Kgs. Lyngby

Governing law and legal venue

The services provided by Dokumenter ApS are in all respects governed by Danish law, and any disputes may be brought before the Danish courts of law only.

If the customer is a business enterprise, the legal venue is the Danish judicial district where Dokumenter ApS is domiciled. This is currently the district of Lyngby.

Dokumenter ApS hopes that the documents will be helpful!

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